MiNT is UNIX like OS for Atari machines, which combine UNIX and TOS worlds very nicely. It is infact best thing which can happen to an Atari computer :) There were few distributions but recently there is only one, but it is a very good one!

Modern MiNT distributions:

FreeMiNT for Newbies!

MiNT Guide is HYPertext about FreeMiNT for absolute begginers! Im sure it will clear a lot of misunderstandings and secrets concerning FreeMiNT and MiNT OS.

Note: It is slightly outdated as well, but it does offer nice insight of what MiNT is.


Because KGMD is outdated and new MiNT users are not used to fiddle with UNIX filesystem structure, and tar and gzip archivers etc.... i decided to compile some of "most wanted" programs and make "easy to install" package...I named them YesTOOLS. But i only gather them and make them easier to install, i didn't wrote them. they were written and ported to MiNT by other enthusiasts! OK, u must be logged as root (root is kinda "god" in UNIX systems, do all of your system mainentance as root, and work as "normal" user) and copy YesTOOLS.tar in your home dir. Unpack it with "tar xvf YesTOOLS.tar" (note: if u will copy YesTOOLS.tar from TOS partition, name will be lowercase!) and read docs! After that just add /usr/local/bin to your PATH variable... And use /usr/local/ directory for all apps u will add to your MiNT setup.

I hope that will help u with decision to install MiNT and with installation itself! For any question or if u have suggestions which apps we should port to MiNT, u may search me (SWE) on IRC #atariscne or email me. Don't hesitate we will help if we will be able to!

To make installation of additional applications as easy as possible, espacialy for begginers, we put together:

YesTOOLS v1.3

(OUTDATED! For KGMD only!)

ALL u need to do is: As root untar the package using "tar xvf yestools.tar" (i recomend u do make new folder for YesTOOLs.) Then u just type "./install".. Thats all folks! After installation u may delete YesTOOLs package!
NOTE: Those apps in YesTOOLS arent newest available, PINE for example is now up to version 4.10, but both 4.05 and 4.10 dont work correctly (4.05 cant send big files and 4.10 produce corrupted MIME attachments), same with IRC client.. U may update those after some time by yourself...

YesCREW's MiNT releases/ports

New MiNT system calls

rev. 26. October 1998.
This tables describes all MiNT functions those aren't documented anywhere else, mostly cause of new MiNT kernel versions. It also tries to correct common mistakes and misleading information (if any) found in the most popular documentation.


All u need for successfull MiNT installation u will find HERE

KGMD Distribution

FTP sites with MiNT stuff


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