Bonus: how to crash Mag!X 6

This is a reminder what u shouldnt do in Magic, since it does not support filelocking. The method described can produce data loss on whole partiton!!! Use it ot your own risk!

This is info and reminder what NOT TO DO, to avoid dataloss"

  1. Copy the Mag!X Extras disk to your hard drive
  2. Run mc_coy.prg
  3. Delete its folder using Mag!X desktop.
  4. Close the mc_coy.prg
  5. Answer Program beenden in the alertbox, that appears.

The result is crash with "FATAHLER FEHLER IM DOS-XFS"

View Screenshoot

Notice: this action wont harm MiNT MiNT supports file locking, so it wouldn't allow you to delete a folder, that belongs to a running application.

I can also confidentially tell you, that Mag!X also allows you to delete a file, that is actually open. The effect is similar to the one shown above.

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