New MiNT system calls

rev. 26. October 1998.

Functions by opcode
Function nameOpcodePurpose
Talarm() 0x0120Set SIGALRM delivery
Tmalarm() 0x013dSet SIGALRM delivery
Psigintr() 0x013eAssign an interrupt to a signal
Suptime() 0x013fGet system's uptime and load averages
Dxreaddir() 0x0142Extended Dreaddir()
Pseteuid() 0x0143Set process' effective user id
Psetegid() 0x0144Set process' effective group id
Pgetauid() 0x0145Get process' audit id
Psetauid() 0x0146Set process' audit id
Pgetgroups() 0x0147Get process' supplementary group ids
Psetgroups() 0x0148Set process' supplementary group ids
Tsetitimer() 0x0149Set timer intervals
Scookie() 0x014aCookie Jar management (obsolete).
Psetreuid() 0x014eSet process' real and/or effective user id
Psetregid() 0x014fSet process' real and/or effective group id
Sync() 0x0150Sync filesystems
Shutdown() 0x0151Shut the system down
Dreadlabel() 0x0152Read disk label
Dwritelabel() 0x0153Write disk label
Ssystem() 0x0154Control various system settings
Tgettimeofday() 0x0155Interrogate the high resolution system clock
Tsettimeofday() 0x0156Set the high resolution system clock
Tadjtime() 0x0157Adjust the clock (not implemented yet)
Pgetpriority() 0x0158Get process' priority
Psetpriority() 0x0159Set process' priority

(c) Copyright MCMXCVIII by YesCREW