Here you can see what is new on our pages.

10.01.2024 APEXMiNT is small utillity which allows EXCELLENT Apex (JPG/TGA/GIF/FL*) viewers to load files using long filenames from MiNT's ext2 partitions. There are 2 versions: APEXMINT translate file and then call one of the APEX viewers... APEXMINT must be in same directory as APEX(JPG/TGA/GIF/FL*).GTP viewers. APXMNTVA translate file and then and pass translated filename to AVSERVER, which then call installed viewer... Released because No one requested it! ;)
27.12.2022 SoundSys tools is just a small set of tools to lock or unlock the Falcons sound system or DSP. They were written for EasyMiNT CLI, so they are just regular TTP applications. For use with TOS, just rename then to *.TTP or even *.PRG. They don't require any parameters.
25.12.2022 I managed to grab some time, so i did some work on GemPLAY. MP2 replay seems to finally work reliably. I loaded song few times in a row and all seems okay. HDD streaming still wont cooperate, so atm mp2 file must not be bigger as available ST RAM... Fixed small glitch with DSPMOD replay (interpolate/surround/normal switching), SNDH multitune (KIOSK mode mysteriously dissapear from normal/intro/kiosk mode selector for multitune SNDH's), AON/AO8/AO4 detection and improved MOD sample list/info display, plus some other minor changes.... >BR> It is still work in progress with nearly zero response (apart from complains on Atari Forum, god forbid to send me an email), so there can be, and sure there are, some glitches. Try it: GemPLAY 2.00 beta
08.02.2022 After a looong time i updated EasyVcons Package! EasyMiNT and SpareMiNT distribution came without virtual consoles drivers, which in my oppinion is big mistake! Anyway, way back then i created this package which allows anyone add virtual consoles very easy. However, they work unreliable in later kernels so 1.16a is required if you choose to try them out...
14.01.2022 af0l's Gotek bracket. Require buttons reposition. Fits into all short button ST cases. Done years ago, so im rectifying my lazyness ;)
14.01.2022 CT60PIC is updated. It is small tool to convert compressed TGA file to HEX format using Didier's converter. HEX file can be then flashed to CT60 using CT60FLASH.PRG. Use at your own risk!
28.12.2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
28.12.2021 Here is BigWhale's OLED bracket. It is a bracket for 0.91" OLED display used for Gotek with FlashFloppy OLED mod. Bracket attaches to the serial port on Atari ST or DSP port on Atari Falcon. Nice and non destructive mod!
25.12.2021 Lonny just released ImgView ! It's basically and image viewer with some bonus features. It requires MiNT 1.16 or better, AES 4.1, and atleast 640x400 resolution. Depends heavily on NVDI so version 5.03 is required as well (5.01 and 5.02 are bugged and not appreciated)
22.02.2021 GokMase joined YesCREW! He is GFA/GEM coder, author of Atari ICQ and HearCoach, and all-round nice dude! He also compiled Atari Icons Library, few usefull applications, some tools, etc, so be sure to check his WEB pages. Welcome GokMase!
26.10.2020 SetTime is now able to set NVRAM settings as well! All you need is to use included utility NVREAD.PRG which will read NVRAM setting and store them to NVRAM.DAT file. Then copy NVRAM.DAT to C:\AUTO\SETTIME\NVRAMFIX folder, and SetTime will load NVRAM settings during boot. PLEASE double check your NVRAM settings before you save and use them! More in README.1ST file!
18.07.2020 Small update: Cleaned some files and a possible fix for exiting the app if user use custom pallete... Grab it here!
15.07.2020 Whack a Virus! is a small whackamole type of game. The main motive behind it is having fun! And what can be more fun in these times, then to whack some bad viruses! Game will run on all ATARI machines capable of displaying ST Mono resolution and atleast 1Mb of free RAM. Including Falcon030 and TT on VGA or real ST Mono monitors. On Falcon and TT with VGA monitors, game will setup ST Mono automaticaly. On TT exit to TOS does not restore resolution correctly yet. Runs on CT60 and MiNT/Geneva as well. Could not test on Magic. Here you can download it as ST image as well. Playing is rather straighforward, just use F keys for selecting menu options, and numpad 9-1 for action keys. More in README.1ST. Enjoy!
Why in Mono you may ask. I feel ST high is very underapreciated. Back in mid 80's high resolution AND rock solid 71hz refresh was rare treat. Also, the SM124 monitor picture was and still is very very good. Sharp and soft, kinda like E-ink displays. Graphics in Mono also have its own charm, and when well done, that cartoonish feeling is simply awesome... Thats why! :)
26.12.2019 The CT60PIC is just a small tool, which will convertnon compressed TGA (320x240x24) image to .HEX format, which can be flashed to CT60 and will show at boot time. Use flash tool at your own risk!
26.12.2019 The xxd CLI command in MiNT lets you create a hexdump or even do the reverse. The syntax is xxd [OPTIONS] [file] . For list of options please do xxd -h or xxd --help . This is a port from Linux. In TOS/GEM just rename it to xxd.ttp . It is not editor, it just create a hex dump, which can be edited with any text editor, and then convert back to binary file. Installation is simple: In CLI cd to root directory ("cd /" and untar the archive ("tar zxvf path_to_archive/xxd.tar.gz") Or you can untar archive anywhere, and then copy files by hand.
25.11.2019 GTK8910.LZH Beta version of Graoumf Tracker. It can be used in two modes, either as full tracker, or just GEM player. Switching from tracker mode to GEM mode works ok, but on MiNT > 1.15.xx loading an module creates a problem with switching. Why, i have no idea, yet! Some bugfixes as well in this version: replay routine now allocate only required ammount of RAM, not fixed 320Kb. The Graoumf Tracker itself also now take 2.5M of RAM, and leave all the rest to system. To change that, on systems wiht less RAM, edit /SYS/GTKPREFS.INF file. Some other minor improvements with mouse pointer, fast mode, etc... Enjoy!
08.09.2019 SetTime is a small tool to make life easier for all Falcon owners with dead RTC (real time clock/nvram) chip. It is designed especially for that purpose, altough it should work on all Ataris. After switching on the computer, SetTime check machine, and if machine is Falcon not in CT60 mode, it forces loading two great tools: SPEEDROM and KEEPTIME. They loads ROM into RAM, and patch settime XBIOS function, which fails with dead RTC. That error is responsible for those odd dates on your machine. ;) After that, you need to set time and date (without separators). SetTime asks you to set time only after hard reset or switch on if in CT60 mode or not on Falcon and EACH time on Falcon, if not in CT60 mode (CT60 TOS is already patched). When active, SetTime display saves time (your last time), system time and new time, the time SetTime will set if no user action for few seconds. So you can either press SPACE to set new time or wait few secs and SetTime will set last saved time (or when run 1st time, a dummy time). This is to avoid odd dates if no user action at boot time, even if time or date will be wrong, etc. Also ESC to skip setting time is not active on Falcon in plain mode, as each boot the XBIOS bug strikes. Hope it will make a life a bit easier!

I suggest that SetTime should be first in auto folder, to avoid eventual date/time mismatch if boot manager rearange filenames, etc... From same reason, and to avoid constant juggling on/off if use CT60, i decided that SPEEDROM and KEEPTIME should be ran from SetTime and not by boot manager. You need to move them from AUTO/ folder to AUTO/SETTIME/ folder. Or, even better, copy SETTIME folder to AUTO from SETTIME.ZIP archive. SetTime also store its INF file there. And finnaly, to avoid NVRAM problems: there is nice tool from CENTEK, which allows you to set NVRAM and then make boot floppy. When you switch machine on, NVRAM settings are loaded from floppy, machine resets and that is! Best option is to replace Dallas RTC chip, but thats not allways possible or may take a while. Enjoy, SWE!

A BIG thanks to Uwe Seimet for SPEEDROM, and Yvan Doyeux for KEEPTIME!
07.09.2017 GCD v0.3! Upgraded Compiler/Linker to recent R28 version from GBE package. Also there are some fixes and tidying up done.
27.10.2016 GemPLAY 1.99 Beta! Due to odd behaviour on vanilla Falcons, i had to remove dirty window position fix....
14.02.2017 MiNT Setter goes Firebee! Added Firebee binaries to archive, no other changes, apart from code cleanup...
03.11.2016 Graoumf Tracker v0.8890! Finally got some time and motivation to work on GTK, so there is new version: backdoors to GEM partially fixed, so on TOS you can switch between Tracker and GEM mode, without many problems. In MiNT no luck yet; GKT loads ok, but loading a song does switch to GEM for fileselector and on return to tracker stays unresponsive. Services like AVSERVER, Drag'n'Drop should work okay. Just don't switch back to tracker... Work preety unreliable with latest MiNT kernels.
27.10.2016 GemPLAY 1.99 Beta! More fixes, mainly redraw issues. Much nicer and faster redraw on stock Falcons. Also, position of main window is now saved into INF file, so it will appear on its last position. INF file parser was also improved, so it will not crash with old INF.
17.01.2010 GemPLAY 1.95 is minor step toward version 2.0. As i finnaly catched some time and motivation at same time some bugfixes were done. AM modules should now load correctly if i doubleclick on them and GemPLAY is yet to be loaded. Furthermore, support for FlexTracker has beem added. ATM they play as normal MOD files without the DSP effects... Happy new year! :))
05.07.2007 GCD GCD v0.2 brings GFA to the Command Line Interpreter!
  This is GFA Basic development kit (GCD) for Command 
Line Interpreter.  It allows to develop  and edit GFA
Basic programs  in MiNT's  command line  or unix like
shells under TOS (like Mupell). 


 1: It is AES/OS independant. GFA basic is very touchy
    about AES and actualy only work properly in single
 2: Since MiNT's  consoles are usualy in mono, and GCD
    don't use  GFABASIC  at all, it is also resolution
 3: It *should* be machine independant. Hopefully, GCD
    also run on MagicMAC/PC with Mupfel, unix like TOS
    shell.  That should work on any machine/emu, which
    runs TOS and Mupfel, but fails with GFA editor.
 4: It is editor independant. U can use your favourite 
    editor - Everest, Luna, Vi, Pico, Nano.. U can use 
    GEM or CLI  editors and save in  LF or CRLF format 
    It doesn't matter. U can use Papyrus if u like. :)
 5: It uses separate  compiler and linker settings for 
    each  project.  Edit gfacomp.opt or gfalink.opt in 
    your  project folder  and those changes will apply 
    for that project only.
 6: Because i wanted to make it.
 7: Because there was no such envoirment before.
 8: Becasue no one asked for it.
25.09.2006 Slowly going toward V2.0. GemPLAY 1.92 brings another batch of bugfixes (buggy database sorting routine) and AutoLoad. If switched on (default) song which was playing when you exit GemPLAY is autloaded and played when GemPLAY is started again. Also, if u display database (CTRL/D), the database will be saved. That way u can save database manualy and in case of crash, the current session changes are not lost. If GemPLAY crash at start, just delete the inf file. Should fix the problem.
25.09.2006 GemPLAY 1.85 is out. There was few bugs to hunt and i added gemplayl.rsc for ST Low resolution. Bigger news is GemPLAY Lite which is SNDH only, but plays on ST/STE, TT, F030 and Hades. Database makes some problems on ST/E machines, so for now it is disabled by default. So ST/E users, do not enable database. If u will, delete GPLAY.DB before u start GemPLAY again. U will know, as it will crash ;)
07.09.2006 GemPLAY 1.70 Released today! Now GemPLAY store statistics of tunes in database. User can now check how many times certain tune was played and also, how popular is it amongs all played tunes. And since each person has own taste, now u can also add own rating (1-5) to songs. Database could be used for "TOP 10", "MOST WANTED", etc playlists.... Database was not tested much (lack of testers, etc), so i don't know how it will behave with a lot of entries (1000+).
02.09.2006 GemPLAY 1.50 now also have Intro mode. In this mode, any multipart SNDH tune plays subtunes for aprox 15 secs and then jumps to next subtune. There is also new status indicator scheme and fixed redraw problem (blinking)
27.08.2006 GemPLAY 1.45 available for download. This version introducing QuickSelector for multipart SNDH songs. No need to select tunes one by one to find favourite tune. You can just select them directly now. There is also funny "Speech" mode. Just test it and enjoy :)
24.08.2006 GemPLAY 1.25 available for download. Main news are support for multipart SNDH tunes, so u can finaly enjoy superb Wings of Death and other game songs! I also added indication of working buttons depending on type of song. Its not really usable, but i did it anyway :)
21.08.2006 Toodeloo Jukebox section had some loose links. Those are fixed now. All modules has now MP3 version as well, as GT2 is rather unique format.
18.08.2006 GemPLAY 1.23 released today. Most important news are Cache on/off switch in SNDH mode (some sndh tunes sound strange, when 060 caches are on) and Surround/Interpolation switch in DSPMOD mode.. Both are toggled with "target" button, 2nd button from the left. This button is also used in ACE mode, to reinit player if it crashes, due to long interrupts or lack of CPU time... Finaly, there is small ACC player as well. It uses very limited GUI, alert dialogs are used, as player is aimed for TOS users, esp on low memory setups...
18.08.2006 After some troubles with server, YesCREW page is up and running again, BIG thanks to ATARI.ORG hosting!
23.07.2006 aVNC 1.08 released under YesCREW label! VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows yout to view and interact with one computer (the server) using a simple program (the viewer). In short, u can fool your ingorant PC friends that your poor atari can run same apps as their top of the notch PC's ;) VNC is free and publicly available and exist for many computer flavours... Thanx Lonny!
14.01.2006 It took me 2 days to find the GT2 bug, and to add 4 measly lines of code... Murphy at it's best :)) But on end, i can now release official GemPLAY 1.00. Enjoy!
05.01.2006 Due to fixes of Graoumf GT2 player, i also fixed Capy and Graoumf Tracker. Capy CT60 with disabled sound is thus obsolete. Graoumf Tracker still has "Backdoor to GEM" capability, but that makes redraw problem in MiNT. I'll try to find some time and fix that screen mess, as "Backdoor to GEM" is most usable in mutitasking OS.
03.01.2006 There was small bug responsible for GemGT2 crashes on CT63. I hope that is fixed. Get patched version here.
01.01.2006 GemGT2 v1.10 released today. Main feature is CT60 compatibility and improved AVSERVER handling. CT60 compatibility solution may make problems on non CT60 machines, please report!
24.12.2005 GemPLAY v0.97 is out. U can look at it as Christmass present :)) Anyway, GemPLAY plays ACE, MOD, AON, GT2, SNDH and XLR8 modules/songs now. This time there is no mini/ACC modes as in standalone versions. So TOS users will still need to use those if need background players.. Sorry guys! Also i would like to use this opportunity to wish u all MERRY CHRISTMASS!! BTW, do not load XMS tunes one after another.... may crash!
22.08.2005 Finally! GemACE is out! Thomas/NewBeat catched last few bugs, so Replace 0.35 is released. Thanks Thomas for this GREAT product, next to ACE!! I hope u will enjoy the player, it is GREAT!!!!
12.08.2005 Fixed Capy to run on CT60. This version now only run on Falcon030 machines. Limitation, that it NEEDS to be start from 640*480/16c (aka TT Med) is still there. Would need too much code to be replaced, sorry...
12.08.2005 GemMOD v0.85 released today. In GemGT2 fashion, here is *.MOD player. Same interface, same features (AVSERVER...). Enjoy it! It uses CT60 happy DSPMOD from Bitmaster. Big THX for EVL for his GFA wrapper!
09.08.2005 Finally fixed and updated Toodeloo Jukebox section. I also made MP3s from most of our GT2 modules, as this player is quite specific (f030 only, dislike the 060 as well). GT2 versions are better, since many tunes loops at end etc.. I believe i found all of the tunes he I may even compile an album, as we did dream about that back then..
Anyway, i hope you will enjoy those great tunes as much as we did!

Toodeloo R.I.P!

Just received sad news, that Toodeloo DHS/YesCREW aka Anders Nilsson passed away on 2st of August, 2005. He was YesCREW&DHS member, and he created some nice music for our games or music disks, always prepared to oblige to our oddest requests. Working with Toodis was always fun and i did miss that after he left the scene...
I sincerely hope he is in better place now. Rest In Peace Toodis! Thank you for all the music and for being a good pal!! My condolences to his family and friends as well...

01.04.2005 MentalPong, our OutLine 2005 Wild entry is available now. This small intro has some history, as it was meant for DHS anniversary, displaying demo snaps and demo tunes... It wasn't meant to be, so we changed it to Xmass Scene greeting card, which also wasn't finishedin time :) So we changed GFX (whuch was not a prob, since delays were because of NO GFX ;) into general GreetTro and released at OutLine party :)
16.06.2004 GemGT2 v1.01 is finally out! It features new look done by C-Rem/Mjj and some small internal fixes, like using module name from module not just filename, works okay in Magic now as well... Hope u will enjoy it!
20.04.2004 Smart guys (C-rem&Tobe) came to idea, that Degas need STE compatible palete editor. So, here it is. It is ACCesory driven palete editor for STE (4bit color values, instead 3bit). U call DegaSTE ACC, edit/create palete and send it to Degas. Since app should be used with other similar apps as well, it seeks for palete buffers and put new palete in. Only tested with Degas so far. U MUST load picture before using DegaSTE, or Degas restore palete back. Ok, get DegaSTE HERE!
02.04.2004 GemGT2 v0.99 release. This is final beta before proper 1.0 release. More changes in this version: removed loading module when starting program, pause now pause module, but u need to press play to resume, fixed some probs with dsp lock and commandline parameter ( install GemGT2 to look in application directory and not in top window directory) added memory checks when loading modules.. Also added small ACC for all TOS users, so they can use other apps while listening to GT2 modules. Last, i used new GemGT2 logo from Sascha Uhlig, thanx!
27.03.2004 Quick update! Added separate RSC file for DoubleLine resolutions (aka 640*240). It still look like shit in ST Low res. I wont make separate RSC file or fix existing one, since i doubt anyone really use that res on Falcon. Incase some weirdo do so, i didnt add alert and exit code, so ppl can listen modules and look that ugly RSC ;). Also i fixed some small inconsistency in RSC and did some cosmetic changes. Okay, file is here.
21.03.2004 U can now get updated and fixed version of GemGT2 player. Apart from few bugfxes, slightly diferent RSC file, it now support av_start properly. That means that u now can install GemGT2 as *.gt2 player in mtasking OS which understand "AVSERVER", that means in MiNT or Magic with Jinnee or Thing desktop. U can dclick files which will be loaded automaticaly, or drag them to GemGT2 window or to GemGT2 taskbar entry. Also adding Iconifying support, should now work properly.
20.12.2003 U can now get updated and fixed version of XmassTro. Since we didnt get original music, i used some personal fav ziks, and release intro as wild entry, breaking music rules. I also added proper ST/Falcon detection and restoring, so now it enters backto desktop on ST as well. Graphics and font etc, are still same as it would be in compo intro...
04.10.2003 Still no luck with Graoumf in MiNT/Magic, while it runs perfect in singleTOS, but there my main addon, mtasking friendly backdoors, arent of much usage ;), except it allows using ACCs. Minor change make GGT2 to run nicely on CT60, but i still need some more testing to be sure... CT60 is just great! Meanwhile did some work on BARS (animated tiles) and restart some work on old personal project, so number of half done projects really looks impressive now ;))
07.06.2003 We decided to ban 2 players mode for the time being... Ill emphasise on rules and gameplay. Still, i have a lot of work at job, and combined with lazyness, work progress slowly.
01.11.2002 Two players mode added. It still very crude, but it seems to work correctly. New smaller tiles are used for 2 player mode, Edo did a great job... Od course 2P mode will require some new GFX for tables as well....
17.10.2002 More progress with BARS. Music can be switched ON/OFF now with M key, R key display new randomly generated level. Keyclick is switched of, so is key repeat. Cursor is now displayed on both sides of the column, and it wrap on other side. There is indicator of currently holding stone and a little scroller as well... Scoring is still fake, and new stones are still purely random. ESC exits the game, P pauses it, and UNDO display help (dummy function atm)...
11.10.2002 I continued to work on BARS again. Now its actualy playable and all seems to work preety ok. Note, that rules and goal of game aint determined yet, i would need to look the PC version, but have no PC at home. But u may move tiles (cursor keys and space for grab/release), press (P)ause or ESC (quit). Help in this version gives u another tile, randomly placed. Same happen after some 15secs... Scroring is also fake atm, and it only count 100 points for "klax" (3 tiles in a column). New tiles appear completely randomly, altough in real version they need to be counted, since only limited no. of certain tile is allowed.. If u drag mouse on playfield and press left button, level will change (random)... SNDH replayer seems to work ok as well...
18.04.2002 EasyMiNT Vcons is easy vay to add virtual consoles to EasyMiNT. Package contains of renice and 2 vconsoles drivers (original and Evl's Falcon enhanced driver) and small script which u add to /etc/rc.d/rc.local script. Installation is preety easy and should make no troubles to you.

WARNING: Evl's driver use enhanced video modes and thus may be potentialy dangerous to monitors. We (me and evl) aren't responsible for any damage casued by this software!
11.02.2002 Graoumf Tracker v0.8810 is out! Whats new:
Finaly got AV code to recognize AVSERVER! Now really should work with any proper AVSERVER. Also fixed some "flickering" if load/save from desktop, caused by unecesary gfx mode changes.
04.02.2002 Groumf Tracker v0.8801 is out! Changes are:
Catched a bug which caused that GTK saved broken files. ATM only GT2 format is saved, plan is to catch all bugs.. In GEM mode u can now double click module and it will load and start to play, auto play also work for "LOAD MOD" GEM menu, was a bit annoying to start that manualy. Just set GTK as player for gt2, gtk, mtm, dtm, ult, xm, s3m, mod files in Thing or Jinnee and that is.

Also i changed colour scheme, there was a lot of demands for that :))

THX Lonny Pursell for va_start routines and help!
15.12.2001 Groumf Tracker v0.8779 is out! Main changes are:
Managed to use MXALLOC on machines with FAST-Ram. MALLOC is used on ST-Ram only machines. FAST-Mode request is now activated with both mouse buttons simultaneously. Quit dialog now offer backdoor to GEM, very handy in mtaskinng OS-es! Also GTK can now be started from UnixFS (minixFS/ext2FS) partitions and behave ok in MiNT as well. Maybe FAST-Mode and GEM backdoor should get own buttons on GTK main screen? Ah almost forgot, Laurent checked mouse key and coordintates for EACH button separately... i moved all coordinate checks in one general mouse button check, so in main loop now only button status is checked once.. if that meet, coordinates are checked..

GTK has now some kind of "Remote Controller". When u are in GEM mode(temporary in GEM), there is menu with Play/Stop, Load/Save, Return to GTK/Quit GTK and Switch Replay Frequency options. So u may use it easily as some kind of player, with tracker interface waiting.. Its wise to setup MAXMEM in MinT or Magic, otherwise GTK is greedy and take all RAM. Thats not so important in SingleTOS ;)) Or u may set how much memory will be left to system in /SYS/GTKPREFS.INF. (u need to save it 1st! Sample file is included)

2 annoying bugs remained.. One cause mouse leaving a trail if GTK was started in 256c mode. Other one ocasionaly cause Taskbar gets a bit confused.. Restarting Taskbar fixes it...
29.11.2001 Started working on Groumf Tracker since it has some flaws and potentials left!
Changed some IF loops with CASE to gain a bit CPU time. Fixed ugly looking LOAD/SAVE screen (overwritting of status line). Added semi FAST-Mode and also support for later "FASTEST-Mode" with enabling "turbo blanker" Fast mode selection is atm binded to ESC key.
23.10.2001 DRACO is back from his winter (beauty?) sleep! And he did AlberTT Drivers meantime. Rumours says he was impresed how many bugs can be packed in 2.5k, so he decided filesize can be smaller. If that means LESS bugs as well is yet to be find out!
No joke, those are brand new and MUCH better drivers for AlberTT, VME graphic card for TT.
20.10.2001 Again new version of GemGT2. Increased static buffer for modules (dynamic is on TODO list) and added free RAM check. Usage is thus increased to 2.3Mb.
19.10.2001 Changed name to GemGT2. Looks better as GTPlayer, altough not perfect as well. We are open for sugestions :)
17.10.2001 Yet another version of Gt2Play is out! New look and very strangely working replay_frequency toggle is added! Also fixed a bug which caused a crash, if u clicked okay and had no file selected (ZPQ). I will try to fix Fast Forward/Rewind bug ASAP, but atm i have no clue whats wrong...
16.10.2001 Found nasty bug thanx to Earx/FUN! Fixed version of Gt2Play available! Player took 14.5Mb to himself and crashed on low mem machines... Now its hapy with 2Mb (fast or stram)
14.10.2001 NEW version of Gt2Play is released! New look now (stealed icons from SNDplayer - THX, Evl!), addee badly working fast forward/rewind and some general cleanup done.. Little closer EXIT the application now...
13.10.2001 Full version of Gt2Play is released! In archive are also GT replayer sources from Earx. ATM only commandline protocol is supported but VA and Drag'n'Drop are planed too... Hope u will like it and please report ideas problems, etc to me!
01.10.2001 New version of Gt2Play is released. Fixed appl_info and other small probs, also using latest and excellent Earx DSP replay routines!
19.09.2001 I continued work on little GEM Gt2 player. Latest version, some bugs fixed, still no proper drag n drop....
18.09.2001 Little hardware problems (Falcon was totaly fried by lightning) so atm BARS (new beginig ;)) is a bit delayed.. Next project is to move GFA further and i did some kind of CLI devkit, so its now possible to develop apps in GFA in Commmand Line Interpreter... If anyone else is interested, let me know!
xx.xx.2001 New YesCREW memeber!! ZPQ (Andreas Dahlberg) joined YC and he is doing... hm.. i dont exactly know ;) Time will show!
03.06.2001 I started work on little GEM Gt2 player. Still looks VERY ugly, but i just wanted to test GEM interface.. I did test player with some 10 GT2 modules, and with one for which Earx says its critical. No probs on ct2 whatsoever.. (that dont mean u wont encounter them ,) Please respond with ideas, bugs and so on....
13.10.2000 Still coding BARS game!! Unfortunately it goes SLOW, cause at my job there is peak of the season.. Patience please.....
11.08.2000 Started to coding BARS game.. It is a port from PC and its a clone of ancient "Towers of Hanoi" game...
07.05.2000 EmuXL XL/XE emulator updated! Lotsa fixes and stuff, u may also load ATR files now.... For more info check YC Products section...
05.05.2000 New SCC and Uart drivers and E2fs tools for FreeMiNT released! Together with FreeMiNT 1.15.8 Beta. For more info check YC Products section...
  • EZppp Easy to use MiNT Net setup script... This is your solution, if MiNT net gives u troubles!!! For more info check YC Products section...
  • 01.04.2000 New version of fnramfs 0.70 ramdisk released.. For more info check YC Products section...
    01.03.2000 Bladeenc 0.92 ported. Its new version and its ~30% faster as previous and also dont make any problems with 16bit samples... U may encode samples directly from audio CD's now! FreeGem 2.0 finaly uploaded, sorry for delay Kellis :).
    07.02.2000 New CacheSet, Shutdown, WakeGem, YCVP released!! For more info check YC Products section...
    24.02.2000 GLUESTIK v0.13 released.
    16.11.1999 GLUESTIK v0.12 released. Its totaly rewriten and not require .XDD anymore.. U may start it from MiNT.CNF or desktop and also kill it if necessary..
    20.01.2000 SCC and MFP drivers for FreeMiNT (=>1.15.8) released!! Together with FreeMiNT 1.15.6 Beta. Get it from Frank's Pages For more info check YC Products section...
    20.01.2000 4 new Toodeloo's tunes released!! 3 as Mp3's but ill force him to make Mp2's! At high kbps rates Mp2 is better and use LESS cpu as well! For more info check YC Products section...
    07.01.2000 EmuXL XL/XE emulator finaly updated! Now with Drag'n'Drop and VA_START protocols, GEM mode, improved Antic and Pokey emulation...... For more info check YC Products section...
    07.01.2000 Greed, fetch utility for ftp and http files ported by Kellis! We also included sample script for automated downloading of new files from ftp://chapelie.rma.ac.be.. Thx alot to Kellis for helping me with script and thx to Deun for requesting this nice tool :)
    30.12.1999 DSPMOD resident XDD player and TARit released today.... For more info check YC Products section...
    17.12.1999 Uart Milan Drivers and MiNT Setter 4.0 released today.... For more info check YC Products section...
    10.12.1999 Mp2-0997 bugfixed! For more info check YC Products section...
    10.12.1999 MiNTGuide, FreeMiNT guide for absolute begginers updated and renamed :) Check MiNT section for more info.
    01.12.1999 2 new Toodeloo's tunes, Summer Rain and Flow released. For more info check YC Products section...
    18.11.1999 New MinixFS driver 0.74 released! For more info check YC Products section...
    16.11.1999 MintFab, FreeMiNT guide for absolute begginers finaly written!! Also check MiNT section...
    15.11.1999 New SMS and a new tune from Toodeloo Acoustic Measurements - Mpeg2 Tune released! For more info check YC Products section...
    10.11.1999 New Wake GEM Daemon and new Shutdown Master and SMS protocol released! For more info check YC Products section...
    17.10.1999 LP (Lonny Pursell) joined YesCREW! Author of AtariIRC and big GFA expert... ;)))
    16.10.1999 New Tunes added to YC Products section......
    11.10.1999 FreeMiNT 1.14.b4 released.. Link is in MiNT section......
    11.10.1999 New Ext2 driver 0.57 and Minix FS 0.72 and bugfixed E2FSprogs released! For more info check YC Products section...
    11.10.1999 SpareMiNT link a added in MiNT section......
    10.10.1999 YesCREW tunes section finaly added to pages!! Check YC Products section.. All tunes are from Toodeloo, thus are very bad ;) (joke)
    09.10.1999 Preparations for YesCREW Party 03 are in full "work". To find out more about, check Party section...
    07.10.1999 New CacheSet, Shutdown Master, from Draco released.. For more info check YC Products section...
    18.07.1999 New Ext2 driver 0.56 released!! For more info check YC Products section...
    10.07.1999 YesCREW FTP opened.. We will keep all new kernel betas, and all new and old YesCREW MiNT releases and also various MiNT stuff there ....
    02.07.1999 New MiNTbin utils 0.3 from Guido added to MiNT section.
    02.07.1999 New FreeMiNT 1.15.2 beta kernel relased! Real random device added, some bugfixes as well.
    18.06.1999 New Ext2 driver 0.55 and Ramdisk FS 0.59 released!! For more info check YC Products section...
    07.05.1999 New Ext2 driver 0.52 released!! For more info check YC Products section...
    07.05.1999 New FreeMiNT 1.15.1 kernel relased! Added support for Ext2 (linux file system) unmounting, memory protection works (so far not on CT2).....
    03.05.1999 New Ext2 driver 0.51 released!! For more info check YC Products section...
    28.04.1999 New 1.15.1 beta 1.4 kernel released! Fixed boot error on CT2 (1.15.1 beta 1.3 kernel). Also new Ext2 driver 0.50 released! Good work Frank!
    26.04.1999 MiNT setter 3.8 released! (Kellis)
    03.04.1999 Frank Naumann (THE Frank Naumann) joined YesCREW!!! Expect more MiNT kernel and tools releases on our pages!!!
    22.02.1999 HTML 2 GRP tool released. Similar to Attacks tool, this one converts CAB's hotlist or Lynx's Bookmarks into Thing Group file, so u may acces WWW sites via Taskbar's "start" button.... Another Kellis/YC Freeware!
    24.01.1999 MiNT setter 3.6 released, u need pl6 kernel for full usage of it.... (kernel debug level and output device may be setted on-fly now) (Kellis)
    18.01.1999 EmuXL 0.36 and Zip22 released! (Draco)
    17.01.1999 MiNT setter 3.4 released! (Kellis)
    12.01.1999 Some cosmetic updates in MiNT calls pages and new OTHERS section added to MiNT part.. If u want to know how to crash Magic legaly, check it out :) Serious Magx vs MiNT comparision there as well...
    06.01.1999 More stuff from Draco: adduser 2.0a, Ftp 0.5 client, Ftp daemon 1.0, expect wu-ftp soon! Unzip 5.32, new Uptime and VMtest. Zip22 comming soon.
    07.01.1999 Our FIRST 1999 release!!! We arent DEAD! ;) New Shutdown, new Wakegemd and new Ping released!
    24.12.1998 New EmuXL uploaded! Some minor fixes.
    13.12.1998 MiNT setter 3.3 uploaded! Again a bit late :(
    28.11.1998 Undocumented and NEW MiNT calls compiled and presented by Draco!! In MiNT Section!
    08.11.1998 Digital relaXatioN finaly released! .)) Run at your own responsibility!
    24.10.1998 Micq New version. uploaded...
    24.10.1998 MinixFS 0.70 New Minix FS for 1.15.0 kernels uploaded
    24.10.1998 Mp2-096 updtated.....
    24.10.1998 EmuXL 800XL emulator from Draco uploaded.. Great stuff, enjoy!
    22.10.1998 New Lpd-590, Nfs, Pcnfsd and Mintnet-103 uploaded!
    19.10.1998 CAPY is released. This time for good! Few minor bugfixes done ans ome changes (minor) in README.Capy is Fairware... We accept money ,postacards, letters, cheques.... ;) Default world is TEST world we used for developing... With F3 u can load CAPYNEW world ... Only those two worlds available atm, PLEASE do send us our worlds if u will make them, for Capy page!!!
    25.09.1998 Mp2-096 and Hello released. Mp2 is fixed NoCrews mpeg2 player and Hello is multithreads example program.. In case they won't work search Draco.
    30.07.1998 POPGem (v1.2) released. Fast GEM POP3 client. Nice for fast mail browsing and display (as TEXT or HTML) VA_SERVER and Multitasking OS required. Kellis is responsible for POPGem!
    30.07.1998 MiNT Setter (v3.0) uploaded. A bit late i know :(.
    26.07.1998 Capy (v0.9.9.9) uploaded. Last Capy preview... (Load worlds bug fixed, exit on error bug fixed, palete is now returned correctly, TT detect bug fixed (using cookie jar now and some other weird bugs fixed, i dont wana talk bout them ,)) Next Capy outwill be true Shareware version...
    08.06.1998 Capy (v0.9.9.4) uploaded. Joypad bugfixed and some general bug fixes as well.
    17.05.1998 MiNT Setter (v2.0) uploaded. VFAT and Writeback caching awitch added, newalert.acc built in... need FreeMiNT 1.15.x!
    16.05.1998 New MiNT apps uploaded (Ext2 fs, SSH ...) in MiNT section.
    09.05.1998 FreeGem (v1.7) uploaded. Another utility from Kellis. RAM VU-Meter this time!!!
    01.05.1998 MiNT Setter (v1.5) uploaded. Bigger, wider, better :))
    25.04.1998 Capy (v0.9.9.2) uploaded. Joypad support. So ar only for directions, but soon menu and pause will be added too...
    21.04.1998 Capy (v0.9.9.0) uploaded. Hiscore fully working now. Each World has own hiscores.
    21.04.1998 Capy (v0.9.8.9) uploaded. Finaly there is hiscore board.. stil no name editor but that will be fixed soon.
    19.04.1998 Capy (v0.9.8.6) uploaded. Time which left after u finish level is calculated into points
    18.04.1998 Capy (v0.9.8.5) uploaded. Time limit added, now it wont be so easy ;))
    08.04.1998 New MiNT kernel finally out! Seek for FreeMiNT 1.14.7 MiNT download section.
    07.04.1998 New CAB.OVL 1.804 for MiNT added to MiNT download section. Netescrape's SSL support now.
    27.03.1998 Cron3.0.0pl1, Pull3.0, Make3.76.1 added to MiNT download section.
    27.03.1998 [Draco] joined YesCREW!. That means EVEN MORE MiNT support from YesCREW!
    19.03.1998 Toodeloo (Anders Nilsson) joined YesCREW!. Finaly we got tracker musician! And good one too!!!
    14.03.1998 ArtTBL (Bj³rn Ove ¸rthun) joined YesCREW! That means MORE MiNT support from YesCREW!
    14.03.1998 Unic v1.8 is released. Check YC Products section.
    14.02.1998 CAT (Croatian Atari Team) finaly setup their pages!
    14.02.1998 Unic v1.6 is released. Check YC Products section.
    18.01.1998 New Capy (v0.98) uploaded. Level&World loader and music (MOD/Chip/Effects) selector added.
    17.01.1998 New Capy (v0.93) uploaded. Now with Main Menu, Chip/Mod music, Effects On/Off...
    17.01.1998 New Capy (v0.70) uploaded.
    17.01.1998 New Capy (v0.65) uploaded.
    07.01.1998 Apache httpd, Lynx-2.7.1 added to MiNT download section.
    04.01.1998 Frameless version added and "FastLinks" added to end of each page. IRCII 2.9 (4.4) added to MiNT download section and Scene section grows as well.
    02.01.1998 Page Atari Gallery is added.
    31.12.1997 Pages MiNT, Scene, YC Products and Links are done.
    21.12.1997 Pages YesCREW, News and Atari party are done!.
    20.12.1997 Beginning of making YesCREW homepages.

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