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YesCREW Party 03 (23.10.1999)

Some importantfacts about the YesCREW party 03:

Ofcourse, U ARE invited ;))

Page is currently under construction... even party date is uncertain
Don't believe to EVERYTHING we say ;))

YesCREW Beta1 Party report

YesCREW Beta1 Party ** WAS ** on 21th of March 1998 in town Maribor,Slovenia!

Party WAS held, and for this part of the world it was quite a succes! There were 4 Falcons, STFM, MegaST, VCS 2600 and 7800, STBook, TT, 2 JAGs and few Lynx-es. We were quite surpised with number of people that show up, since this was FIRST Atari Party in Slovenia and we are quite scatered. Lotsa peoples came from Croatia (Warp5, STBooK, Bolid) and they even bring a little TT demo! As there were no other demo entries, Oleg Grujic won with his TT demo and got few Atari Computing's as reward... Because Atari scene is practicaly dead in Slovenia we show MiNT and new app's to people most of time.. We (YesCREW) showed last preview of our game Capy and it sems that ppl like it :)) Then we tried to establish ppp link via null modem cable, but something didnt quite work so we abandon that.. Jag game competition wasn't held, because since 1st minute kids occupie all free slots, so we were cutted of! (VCS was 100% busy as well) People was quite imoressed with new programs and facts that we still work on Ataris and support them... In separate room, DJ Cricek set up lotsa MIDI gear (Atari driven of course). but then he decided that he is lazy, so he left all gear in "public domain" so PLEASE, dont aske me about music!! Most scary tribes in heart of Africa would run away if they would hear that! (we should call some army representatives, im sure they would think we work on some kind of sonic weapon)

Well, what more to say. It wasn't coding party, it wasn't fair, but we had great time, we show ppl Atari still kicking, showed demos to ppl, exchange some programs and last but not least, we had fun! so i think i may say that YesCREW Beta was SUCCESSFULL! .) And i never saw so much Ataris in one place in my life :)
Good work and thx, Gaber!

Well that is quick report from YesCREW Beta1, better and more detailed will follow! (i hope:)

Sponsor of the party

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