LONG Psetgroups(len, gidset)

WORD len;
WORD *gidset;
Psetgroups() sets the supplementary group ids for the calling process.
Opcode328 (0x0148)
AvailabilityAvailable when a 'MiNT' cookie with a version of at least 1.11 exists.
Parameterslen specifies the length (in words) of the array containing the supplementary group ids to be set. This value must be a positive number not greater than NGROUPS_MAX. If len is a zero, the call will return the number of supplementary group ids those have been set.

gidset is a pointer to a word array containing the new supplementary group ids for the process.

pea	gidset
move.w	len,-(sp)
move.w	#$0148,-(sp)
trap	#1
addq.l	#8,sp
Return ValuePsetgroups() returns a number of new supplementary group ids for the process on success or a negative GEMDOS error code otherwise.
CaveatsSetting new supplementary group ids needs root privileges.
CommentsThe NGROUPS_MAX value is returned by Sysconf().
See Also Pgetgroups(), Sysconf()