I was just a longtime Atari owner, cut off from the scene, because we got news and programs only from local pirates (which were just damn resellers)... Then i got inet access in '94, and i was surprised by devotion of scene people and i stopped treating my Falcon as just a computer .)) As there were a lot of "unseen" ST demos i bought back my STFm :)) Then in late '95 i decided that i could do some support for scene and the YesCREW was born... Name is simply reversed from NoCrew :))

YesCREW isn't tight group. We are just group of people from all around with same interest. Since we are loosy group, it is hard to know what other members do, so we may even surprise ourselves with something .)))

YesCREW members are:

SWE (SLOVENIA) GFA/ASM Coder, MiNT support ...
Vido (SLOVENIA) GFA Coder, WEB Design, GFX, FireBEE support ...
LP (USA) GFA/ASM coder, AtarIRC, aVNC and GBE Developer, MiNT support ...
GokMase (SWEDEN) GFA/GEM coder, author of AtarICQ ...
Soundman (SLOVENIA) MIDI Musician, MiNT Support ... [non active]
Toodeloo (SWEDEN)
Toodeloo sadly passed away on 2nd of August 2005 at age of only 30.
Rest In Peace Toodis! Thank you for all the great music and also for being a good friend.
[Draco] (POLAND) ASM/C Coder, MiNT Support/Developing. Moved to 8 bit scene...

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